Ruby Made by Rae Pattern Review

I made another top a few weeks ago.  Yes I will get better so I am going to keep practicing.  After perusing around on I decided upon the Ruby top/dress by Indie designer Hoeskra of Made by Rae.



I really liked this pattern.  The pattern is visually pleasing, its color coded.  It is designed for the beginner so Rae has tried to make it as simple and non-intimidating as possible.Success!Rae offer several seaming options which speak to the absolute beginner or the experienced.  It actually gave me a refresher on the various seam options and how to execute them.  I felt as though I were gaining skills and learning new ones all at the same time.  I spent the majority of my time finishing my top and I am pleased with it!.The pattern can be made into a top or dress or as in my eyes a dress that I will wear as a top. So lets have  a look:

1-IMG_2269                             1-IMG_2270

Pattern can be purchased at  MadebyRae or

$16.00 23 page PDF

Farbric:  Hobby Lobby



I scored these fabrics at Hobby Lobby.  I adore Hobby Lobby and I MUST stop when I see one.  I picked up this fabric and new it had to be for this top/dress.  This fabric is 100 percent cotton.  I prewashed on warm  and dried it in the dryer.  No fading, bleeding but it is not the softest.  I thought it would soften after washing, it did not.  so its pretty firm


Zilch…well unless you count the hem, I serged it:) and left it exposed.



You remember the neckline from my sailor top..well that wasn’t going to happen again.  I finished my muslin and felt pretty good that I got it on and all was well. I can laugh now but I think I am impressed with making a muslin and have in my mind that is a “fake” garment that I am not using it for it’s true intention.  To allow for a  good fit.  I am happy I got the garment together when I should really be looking at and addressing any fit issues…alas next top!  The pattern is only a few pieces so it a quick sew.  Can you spot the issue?  The sleeve well the sleeve less……..right at the edge.  You see its over my shoulder….not sure what the technical part of that would be called.  My finished top is a tad bit over my armpit so I think I will make the medium bodice next time.  I am learning about my self looks like I need to make garments smaller in the shoulders than the bust.  Ha!  that is the joy of sewing and also the reality that everyone’s body type is different so patterns do not always fit exactly….google fit model and you will see.

Lets us all Gather…I learned my lesson with my gather foot on my sailor was a mess.  This time I took my time without my fancy dancy gathering foot and got perfect gathers.





Based on the version you choose as your finish that’s where I spent the majority of my time.

1-IMG_9891 1-IMG_9890

I chose flat fell seams and they took a while.  I definitely love the look but they do take some time.  I also chose the option to bind the armpit and the sleeves.  Now Rae does offer a non binding option with video but I chose to make the pattern as is.  Man Oh Man it was quilting all over, LOL.  I need a little clover binding thingie because woo to make teenie binding..fold it over..and the the death steam from the iron..ack!





Whew…That was something, lol.  Once it was all pinned….hurry up and wait…I was taking my time to ensure it was neat.





The hem.  I wanted to use my serger on every garment to ensure I get comfortable right.  Well one tip I learned was to thread the serger with different colors until you are more comfortable so I did that….and it worked so I was serging along. Then all of a sudden it hit me..rats if I hem this you will see it thread since my thread is dark…whoops! So I left the hem down but serged.  That still makes me laugh.


None at all with this one.

It was windy when I took the picks but here are a few more.

1-IMG_9915 1-IMG_9919

And this is how I wore it!  All hail to the cardigan!


Ruby Dress Top designed by MadebyRae Highly Recommend!

Happy Stitchin’






  1. Simikoski, Charmaine says:

    Good Morning E,

    I love this top, it is so colorful and looks comfy. You have a great eye for color and fabric.

  2. Great job and I adore your fabric choices.

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