Happy National Sewing Month

Source: NationalSewing Month.org

Source: NationalSewing Month.org

Boy have I been sewing up a storm so this month falls right in line.  I’ve decided not to make personal goals but a few for my business and that’s it.  Since its NSM lets talk about  our sewing equipment and what I like about them.


Naturally, a sewing Machine.


Brother PC420.  I scored my machine as a vendor sample, it was unopened and never used for $75!  At the time I was in the market for a machine that” did more stuff” so I had been researching online.  I saw this machine and I noticed there were only 2 machines left I snatched that baby up like the last piece of chicken! I knew if it didn’t work I could return it but I would figure out all that …..later.  Its been  about 4 years and it has served me well.  I love the start/stop button as opposed to the foot pedal, auto threader, see through bobbin, nice weight,  pretty quiet and a bazillion different foot options.  One day I may graduate to a Bernina but until then I will keep on rockin’ my Pc420.


My Serger

Brother 1034D-My serger is new to me and is pretty easy to use.  I will admit I was super scared of it..like a bat in the house scared, lol.  Then I said  to myself ……its a machine…you are smarter than it!  I wanted professionally finished edges in my handmade clothes and now I have that ability.



Rowenta Travel Iron

This iron makes it so easy when pressing smaller seams.  I make a lot of bags and this iron can get into the smallest seams even get inside of pockets.  See the tip.


 Its light weight so if you have heavy hand or are use to the weight of the Oslo iron  just be mindful.


Janome Artistic Iron Press

Makes adhering interfacing a breeze and saves a TON of time!

Rep your equipment and tell me why you like it!

Happy sewing@




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