Fancy Tiger Crafts Sailor Top Review

Sailor Top-Cvr

Fancy Tiger Crafts Pattern $18.95 PDF 16.00 Creative Bug Membership $4.95 pieces only video included

I have been sewing….ALOT. I was determine to better my skills so I am tackling it one project at a time. Since I am self taught I depend on the internet tutorials and classes. This time I decided to make the Sailor Top from Fancy Tiger Crafts via my Creative Bug Membership.  So I used the pattern pieces and followed the online video class.



The ladies of Fancy Tiger describe the sailor top pattern as an easy-to-wear & easy-to-sew raglan sleeve top with a sweet gathered neckline. Its a-line shape is never clingy. This wardrobe staple is oh-so-practical for every day wear & looks great in many different fabrics. I agree with all the above. The pattern can be used with multiple fabrics and can easily get out of hand!  Meaning you can end of making a baziliion.


Since this was a quick sew I decided not to make a muslin…..not the best idea.    I did have fit issues and I want to be sure I get the pattern adjusted because I would love to sew several more.



Cotton and Steel Dandelion from Craftsy.  I prewashed  my fabric for the first time with Aquae Soak.  The fabric had a substantial hand unwashed.  When washed it seemed to just melt and had great drape and was just as vibrant.

This was one time I was glad to have various marking tools this pink marker worked great.  Also the first time I traced right on the fabric.  Normally I would pin then cut but this was much easier.


I made the size large for all pieces. Modifications NONE, Zilch!  This top was a front/back and two sleeves not much to  modify.  I normally lengthen my shirts nope not this tim..I let it be.


First up sleeves! Wait…what?  yup you construct the sleeves first.  nothing to it.  Let finish the construction.  Using Rowenta travel iron is great pressing small pieces and it heats up super quick.


Lets wrap this top up.  I was careful to make sure the seams matched too.


I finished my side  seams with my serger a Brother 1034D this was my first time using it.  BUY IT NOW.


                                      I added the yoke and that was it.  Yay time to try it on.


Ugh…..skued.  why is this puling to one side…..and back puckers.  Hmmmm UNDO. I took the from and back off. So how the Yoke was simply too big.  I guess that means I could have narrow shoulders?  Did I cut out the wrong size.  not sure.  I took the front and back loose.  I ended up having to put to darts in the back about 1/2” and then I was good to go.  So yes  I need to revisit this again.  This pattern is rated beginner plus since there are so few pieces but it s a lot of curves going on here. I don’t like to make the same thing twice so I will let it rest then revisit.  As I said its definitely a top I would like to have a few multiples of.


The gathers are smooth.


Now the back lie flat


have to tell the photog husband to make sure my shirt is all the way down next time:).

01-IMG_2246 02-IMG_2247

And yes we always must have the bathroom shots, LOL.  When I wore my top to the office I had a cardigan on which I wear daily.

What I loved

Minimal pieces

flattering for all

great wardrobe builder

several reviews already

Second Thoughts

Should have made a muslin no matter how few pieces

Would like to make it longer next time.


Gathering Foot

How long to make?

one day

I will make this top again so stay tuned.  Happy Stitchin’





  1. mamasbeeneez says:

    Love it

  2. You are talented and inspiring. Off to get the pattern now….

  3. aprilshowers says:

    Oooh, I love it! I actually like the length on you especially with those jeans. I think it fits you just right.

    • yay, thank you so much! I normally make everything tunic length but I figured since the top flared I thought a trouser jeans would pair nicely. Thank you so much for the compliment!

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