Amy Butler Anna Tunic Review


I adore Amy Butler!  I have made several of her bag patterns and skirt patterns.   This time I decided to make the Anna Tunic.

AB anna tunic

Pattern Review

I purchased my pattern …snap I can’t remember but its an old design and can be hard to find. Amazon has it though.  This is a tissue pattern with very few pieces.  Amy’s patterns I feel are for a confident beginner, full of graphics and yield beautiful handmade bags or garments.  As always I scoured the internet to see what overs had to say about the  fit, some said too high in the back, or that the sleeves where too tight.  I made sure to be-mindful of those trouble spots.  I made a muslin, my first one:) and finished the top in one day.  Tops are new to me , I’ve only made 3 previously and I am glad I made this one.  I recommend this pattern for a confident beginner.  Once you address any fit issues I think you will like this.  Next year I would like to make the dress version, too.


As I mentioned this was my first tracing a pattern and making a muslin.  I purchased medical exam paper and used some tracing paper   from the thrift store.  I watched a how to trace a pattern class by Heather Ross on Creative Bug on how to do it.



L-Joanns not sure of the name.  Its Cloud9 from their quilting section of the store.  R-Amy Butler French Wallpaper in Mustard

Piping was pre packaged from Joanns


No lining-this is sleeveless I felt it was too hot.  My fabric was not sheer so I didn’t see it necessary.


I ironed the pattern and began.


I highlighted my size and transferred all the things!  I’ll admit I was really excited to try something new and to know I would get a really good fit.  My concerns were what I had researched too tight or gaping armholes, tight in the bust and too high in the back.




I sewed up the Muslin, tried it on and was satisfied.

1-IMG_9825 1-IMG_9828

I began sewing the top.  There are several curvy bits with this pattern use lots of pins silk pins are great because was able to sew right over them with no issues just take your time.  If your machine can not handle pins just go slow so you can pull them out.


I wanted piping on mine so I glue basted the piping and attached it. The piping did leave a bulkly seam since I didn’t line it so I had to hand sew over that area.


33-IMG_9758 34-IMG_9759

I used a flat felled seam….hehe I just had to look that up.  I didn’t know what it was called!


The yoke can be confusion so I was glad I made a muslin fist. The buttons are really a nice touch too.


Since I didn’t line it i have some bulk in this seam.  I don’t know how to use my serger so I didn’t use it.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with that area so I whipped stitched down.  Not satisfied with it when I figure out the serger I will revisit this.


I sewed the hem ok this was the first time I really realize that you sew the hem wrong side up.


I  added the belt being careful to really match up the folds. And Done.






Tools Used:

Elmer’s washable glue with fine tip

1/4 piecing foot

Medical exam paper

Tracing Wheel

Pinking Sheers

Time it took to make:

Muslin and top one day.  Finished details the next day

What did I like about the pattern:

The result its a nice top.  Not many pieces, comes together quickly

Dislikes about the pattern




My Difficulties

No real problems just learning to work with curves.

All in all I enjoyed every bit.  I learned some new skills and have a great top to boot!  I tooks a few pics at the office but I had all kinds of crazy shading,

44-IMG_2205 48-IMG_2209 47-IMG_2208 45-IMG_2206

Toodles and happy sewing!




  1. mamasbeeneez says:

    Gurl that tunic is sooo cute….I love the colors….the fit is perfect on you….u did a fantastic job…you kno I want one…

  2. Lovely fabric pairing and beautiful detail work!!

  3. Very nice tunic….I am a big Amy Butler fan as well!!

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