Stitches Midwest 2015


I bought some stuff yall.  My goal was to shop the indie dyers that I had seen online and pick up some Addi Clicks….! I had such a good time this year at stitches.  I ran in the very person who introduced knitting into my life, Vera.  Oh I gave her a big ole hug!  I ran into new friends and sorely missed one too.  We were all together for that moment in time surrounded by things that make us happy.

So what did I get..that’s the other reason for going right


             The Knerdshop-so many funny knitty things like these tags I purchased too.

Neighborhood Fiber Arts

Neighborhood Fiber Arts-B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L 

I had been wanting some of Indie dyer Karida’s yarn for years and was so glad to see her beautiful  yarn in person.  SWOON I went to her booth 4 times! The kit I purchased  was knit up on the Yipes Striped Cowl by Ann Weaver.  Not sure if I will get the pattern but the yarn is squishy, springy and simply beautiful.


White Birch Fiber Arts-Killah Bee Colorway.  Just the name makes me laugh.  I have been eyeing White Birch Fiber art for sometime because I wanted the electric slide colorway but I could not pass up yellow, gray and white.


Dragonfly fibers-YUMMY. This colorway is called Van Gogh Sunflowers.  So rich and Vibrant.  Just want to stare at it instead of knit with it.


SHELTER!  I finally got my hands on Brooklyn Tweed.  I had heard several podcasters talk about it too.  This yarn is so light and its American Wool!  It’s spun woolen so the fibers are full of air I am curious how it work up.


MadTosh in the whiskey barrel colorway. Nothing else to be said.  For hubbs.


MadTosh for me!


With a $50 total you also received a pair of free ebony needles.  I picked size 17.


Love gadgets and things.  Handwork Hardware dpn holder,   Wrapture wool wash, glass nail file, Owl:) tape measure and stickers from the knerdshop;

That’s all folks.  See you next year stitches!




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