Kool Aid Dying for heels and toes

I could have sworn I shared these socks with you!  Apparently not. Shall we have a look..why yes.


Yarn: Miss Babs Cosmic Hand Painted Base

Colorway: Zombie Prom

Toes and heels: Knit picks fingering Bare-hand dyed by me

I knit these socks top down with an after thought heel.  Then decided that I wanted to try to to a different toe and heel.  The yarn is quite beefy simliar to sock that rocks so know that you sock with be substantial.  Once I finished it was time to dye some yarn for my toes and heels. .
1-IMG_1472-001Hello Kool-Aid


I had purchased a skein of Knitpicks bare for dying toes and heels. Let me just say this yarm is not nearly as beefy is the Miss Babs.  I would 100 yards on the niddy noddy, presoaked my yarn, put it in the pot and got busy.




1-IMG_8989 1-IMG_8990 1-IMG_8991


I still have a few white spots so I added more kool-aid.

1-IMG_1461All done.1-IMG_9075

It was a perfect match.  I finished up my socks shortly afterwards.  This time I tried to pay close attention to that hole that shows up on the side by your heels too.

1-IMG_9324 1-IMG_9321 1-IMG_9319


All done!  I really enjoyed working on these socks off to the next pair.

Happy knitting






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