My First Quilt Experience

1-IMG_9622Quilting is so enjoyable.  I had such a great time making first quilt.  I remember looking at quilts and thinking …even though that’s sewing its not for me.  It’s just not my style.  That was until I discovered Modern Quilting.  As in all hobbies the principles are the same, the shapes are appear to be the same but different with the use of different fabrics. I found a look that is my style in a historical craft….squeal.  Its no secret I love to make things even more so when they  have a sentimental value  and quilting fits right in.  So I wanted to share my experience with you.

The Top-Learning How to Piece

I didn’t even know it was called piecing.  I learned so many new things by watching the Short Cut Quilt Series from the Fatquarter Shop … 10 time each lol.  Sew big or go home right?  I decided on the Layers of Charm Quilt.  It was pretty quick to piece.

The Back

I had no idea.  How was 44″ to cover a 58″ quilt top…jeopardy music…….Hello Craftsy!  I found a post called How to Piece Quilt Backing for a Perfect Fit. Yay!  I finished the backing in all white.  Didn’t know about adding extra’s bits to the back and I knew it was going to look like a quilt darn it, HA!

How do I get it Er… to look all quilty -The Longarmer

Once I finished the top I decided to send it off to a long armer…once I figured out what that was.   I had no desire to quilt it myself  I was a little giddy imagining what it would look like.  Since I am a knitter and  I was watching the Knitgirllls podcast and Leslie recommended MissMarkersQuilts. I heart when crafts cross and merge with each other.   I reached out to her and  She replied with what I prep was needed for the quilt.  Great communication, upfront and honest.  Margeret(MissMarkers) has a very active YouTube Channel that made me feel very confident that she would do a great job.  She is also building a studio on her property I though..WHOA she is a quilting goddess!  I learned that the quilt backing would need to be  4-6 extra inches on all sides.  Remove excess threads.  Square up your quilt.  Batting opitions …its deeper than what I had known from Joanns.   Now what type of design did I want…..NO CLUE.  Miss Markers then asked what didn’t I like…that’s a great way too start! For sure it would be a something I did like! I got it ….I wanted something very technical.  I said can you make it quilty looking no swirls, LOL.  She did not disappoint.  Here is the look upclose at the quilting.



I received my quilt back in about 4 weeks as she informed me that she would be attending Quilt Market.  My quilt arrived safely packaged, with a cute hand written note a free Creative Grids ruler.  Creative Grids…from my research these rulers appear to be the top of the line and are quite pricey but a great tool.

Binding-Machine or By Hand

I found that I really enjoyed hand binding so that’s what I decided.  I wanted to keep the quilt bright so I chose a aqua hatchcross as the binding. I grabbed my tools and began.


I had to trim the quilt leaving about 1/4′ of the batting showing.



It was my first time using the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker.  It wasn’t hard but it does need about 10 mins to warm up the ironing plate inside.  This was also the first time I used my walking foot..not half a scary as I though, LOL.

I created my bias tape, there are several how to videos for creating bias tape.

quilt binding


I stitched my bias tape to my trimmed quilt.  Pressed it over, folded it back and prepared to hand bind.  My needle was so thin(used wrong type) it was sharp but flimsy so I switched to some Fons and Porter hand binding needles that did the trick!  It took about 4 hours to bind.

The Label

What was I going to do here.  I stalked Pinterest, YouTube…everywhere on the interwebs and came across the lovely spoonflower.  I used one of there provided templates and created my label.  I included:

My Logo

Quilt Title

Sewn By

Quilted By



Blog address


The label arrived in about a week and a half. I attached the label and felt so accomplished.  Here is my finished quilt!

Title: First Quilt Ever Size: 58" x 58" Fabric: V and Co Color Theory Batting: Wool

Title: First Quilt Ever
Size: 58″ x 58″
Fabric: V and Co Color Theory
Batting: Wool



I love to see when people have their quilt laying on the grass and all but remember I chose white for my backing fabric…I at least would like to be the first person to dirty it up, lol.

Here’s what I learned:

A 1/4″ foot is  heavenly

Hold your fabric tight if you are not going to use pins

Remember which direction to sew your charm triangle when attaching it to your layer cake…..hello seam ripper.

Bella solids -can’t tell the backside from the front side

Precuts save a ton of time

Having the proper tools makes all the difference.

Total cost:

Sewing Machine(priceless:))

Labor watching You Tube to figure out what to do (priceless!)

Layer Cake(1) $38.99

Charm packs (2) $16.00

Binding Fabric: $5.00

Label $8

Thread (2) spools $5.00

Ruler $14.00 (on sale)

Rotary Cutter $10 (on sale)

Labor $12 an hour 2 hours

Shipping to LongArmer $5

Total Long Arm Services $105.67-include quilting, the top, batting, thread, return shipping

*Bias tape Maker $55

*Bias Tape adapter $5 on sale

Needles $5 since I originally used the incorrect type of needles

Binding Thread $2

*Wonder tape $2 on sale-used to attach label down

Thimble $4

*made life easier

Quilt with Price

Conclusion: I really enjoyed my first quilt.  My second quilt top is already finished:).  Use quality tools they are especially helpful if you are a multi crafter.  Enjoy the experience. Your creations are valuable when you consider the total cost. Make something memorable.




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