Stella Sew Along- Week 2 Handles and Piping



This bag is something!  I love the way its turning out.

Mom Update: She is all cut out but had a funeral to attend so I will put her updates in next week.

This week I added the piping around the  main panels and worked on the handles.

Piping:  This fabric I chose did not match any colors  so I had to make the piping.  Its more like a banana yellow.



I ordered piping….note to dimensions…piping on top is from prepackaged.  Rope is what I ordered as it was more for upholstery.


So basically I unraveled what was in the pre packaged piping and removed the cording.  I cut my strips and started making my piping.








I am getting better at making piping.  Here is the traditional way and here is the short cut way I used. Undecided on which method I like.  How about I was this close…..really????


Another issue I had with the piping is I didn’t place my tape off center so I would have a clean seam.  Gotta work on that.


Now the handles can be tricky so I drew my seams and followed the markings carefully. They are really firm due to using the Peltex 71 which made it a challenge to flip right side out…..but the results give you a nice and sturdy handle.  I would also like to make a fabric slide from Sew Sweetness.


I used my 1/4 quilting foot to make even stitching on the handles.

How cute are these scissors!


Here’s where I made a modification: The pattern recommended putting an X across your handles I didn’t like the look of that so I did straight lines that reminded me of quilting.

1-IMG_9406I want these babies to stay…with no issues.  Next I had to figure out where I was going to put my label.  I figured it out.


When sewing for myself I used my Emoniedezigns label that I ordered here.  This time I added a little placard to make it pop.  After all this work I NEED you to know that I made this!


Alright see you next week!








  1. mamasbeeneez says:

    What a cute bag…Excellent job gurl

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