Stella Sew-A-Long Week 1



Luvin’ It!!!!  My Stella from Swoon Patterns is coming out great!!!!!!!!! Swoom patterns has the most A_M_A_Z_I_N_G  facebook group…with perks.  I found a sew a long for the Stella and have been following along.  Now this is not for the faint at heart or someone looking for a quick sew.  I would rate this pattern as Intermediate due to the patterns assumptions as every step is not pictured.

Let me share with you week one.

My Equipment:

Brother PC420

Janome Artistic  Press

Oliso Smart Iron

Thermalon Plus fusible

Craft Fuse 808

Seam Gauge

Pattern enlarged 112%


This took about 3 days to cut out (keep in mind I work about 45-50 hours a week and have a 2 hour round trip minimum, commute so your cutting millage may vary.  Beware: The pattern layout is shown flat but there are important pieces on the fold.

Now you see the photo of the loveliness above ..those pieces were created with blood, sweat and tears…well no tears but blood.

Sewing Causalities:

One Exterior Panel-Cut out a 2×15 inch rectangle..ugh was suppose cut the fleece only:(.

Thumb-Blood..stuck my self with pins while tip stitching zipper.  Wouldn’t you know I bled on the white flower!!!!!!  I grabbed baby wipes so fact  I didn’t get a picture for proof.  I was scrubbing miyagi style!!  Whew.  I removed the forensic evidence.

The zipper



I ran into a snapfu as my stabilizer cut into my zipper interfacing.   I pressed on!  My zipper will be different from the pattern because of how I attached it but I am fine with it.


Cargo Pockets


Definitely fiddley but not hard.  Remember if you scale you will need to make those adjusts throughout your pattern.  The piping was such a breeeze with this piping foot!

Back Exterior


No issues here just a pocket WOF(Width of Fabric).  Double stitch or reduce your stitch length when sewing the pocket.

1-IMG_9356 1-IMG_9355


The exterior is complete.  Pretty cute right?  Stay tuned for more soon!






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  2. Beautiful fabric

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