Fabulous Mom

Its Fabulous Mom Month.  Welcome to Spring and the month of Mom.  I created this layout to highlight a special day for me that was made even more special by my mom.  This Layout is  simply titled Fabulous Mom.

Lets gather our supplies to make this layout speedy.
Create your base layer.  I knew I wanted a white base and a few layers to add pops of color. These colors reminds me so much of spring!  The base layers and I slipped in a large doily.
Once the base layers are down add your photo and embellish away!
I don’ t have many pictures of my mom , trust me I am working on it though.  Don’t be afraid to you ANY pictures you have these are YOUR memories.
If you can remember try and Always the date.  You won’t always remember.  No its not the most attractive element but you can add it on top of an element like I did her.  Also you can add it the back of you layout as well.
Use those stamps they are not just for cards!
When it comes to titles you can be as creative as you want.  Here I use a Heidi Swapp acrylic title and thickers.
Last but not least journal,journal…did I say journal.  A picture is totally worth a 1000 words and they are worth notating.
Take this month and acknowledge your mom, Step Mom, the office mom, anyone who plays the Mom in your life.




  1. mamasbeeneez says:

    Wonderful…..nd u nd mama look beautiful….

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