Yarncon 2015



What’s going on peeps!  I have been working on a few things and still battling the eye!  I have an appointment this week and I am so glad.  Amist the eye misbehaving and critical changes at the office I managed to squeeze a little bit.  I went to Yarncon this year and for some reason it was a different experience for me.  I wasn’t overwhelmed and made my purchased carefully.  If you’ve ever been to these types of events lets just say ….you just get stupid.  The fumes take over you and Bam you’ve spent well over your budget.  You know what I mean? So I really felt in control of myself this year:).

Here are my spoils!


Claymates Pottery shop on Etsy

How nice is a handmade mug??  A  mug with a zipper that looks like denim blue jeans…Priceless.



Cloudlover odds and ends

My intent was to grab some fiber for my turkish spindle. To consider spinning 4 oz  on a spindle is daunting but little bits and bobs is very doable.


Knit Circus-beautiful gradients



Yellow and Gray is my favorite color combination.  I saw Knitcircus at Stitches Midwest and they were out of this colorway Brass and Steam.  So I snatched it up this year!



This photo is not doing this yarn justice.  Meet Hivemind from the cyborgs craftroom.  S-P-A-R-K-L-E.  I wanted to try her yarns for sometime so why not get an Yarncon exclusive colorway.


Hearthside fibers in the calliope colorway


Hearthside Fibers…yes confetti cupcake!…right??  When I got home my husband said you should remake your scarf and hat out of that yarn.  Ack….I called them, ordered a second skein, they were kind enough to give me the show special.  Great customer service!




Can we say Fruitstrip Gum, lol.  Loved this colorway simply had to have it.  The colorway name is Freak Like Me.

That was my yarncon haul for 2015.  One way to keep the hobbies alive is support.  I encourage you to support local events.






  1. Love the colorful skeins!

  2. Thank you. I realized most of my stash is solid so I hope to add much more color this year!

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