Sew Demented-Sew Together Bag

I have been sewing between eye aches. Last month while at the knitting pipeline retreat my husband picked out a pattern for me, the Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented.


I decided that this would be the bag that would match my planner and hold my planner supplies, pens, stamps, hole punch, the important stuff.

The Pattern retails for $12.00 and is available in Paper and digital.

I started this Sunday night…..remind me to not sew after 10….I sewed the pattern to the bag..LOL.  MInd you I have the paper pattern this is on very heave glossy paper and about 8 pages folded double. I SEWED RIGHT THROUGH IT.  Total time 3 hours..fixing time:) 30 minutes the following day.  This little zippery gem is not for the beginner or the faint at heart but it is definitely work making.


All Fabrics from Joanns mix of fatquarters and off the bolt.



I think it matches my planner perfectly!  The main fabric comes in cream base and a white base.  Since the lining in my planner is cream and gray it looks fantastic.  The husband said, That looks sharp! I think he approves.


Now for the meat of this little pouch remember I said zippery……tada…


Yes 3 zippers inside!  You can’t help but be organized and after all that work you WILL use this.



I am delighted and I will make more.  Want to give it a try there is an excellent  sew along blog post from March 2014 that has excellent photos and I WISH I would have seen before I started.  I recommend this pattern for an intermediate sewists as there are very few photos and it assumes you have previous knowledge.  Do not be afraid of zippers and with the aid of the sew-along pictures you can do this!  I will keep you posted when I start my next one.



P.S.  I have been loving some new sewing tools I want to share soon.

P.S.S. Chicago has a new quilt shop, Second City Quilts..this could be dangerous!

P.S.S.S. Eyes are still not well but better:)




  1. mamasbeeneez says:

    That is too cute…love the colors..hope those eyes get bettr..I wish we could have seen each other at yarncon..Happy designing gurl..Toodles!!!!

  2. Your husband picked a great pattern! Love the colors and the three zippers!!

  3. Thank you! I’ve learned he is not shy in any craft store and has pretty good taste too!

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