The Eyes Have It!

Its Daylight Savings time here in the US where we lose an hour and changes our clocks.  Normally this does not affect me.  This time it was not the case.

This was me last week.


Since returning from vacation I have had something going on with my eye.  Its been terrible.


Sore to the touch



Waking up in the night screaming….eye tearing..can’t open it.

I went to the Dr and received ointment.  After it continuously felt as though something was in it I decided to see and Ophthalmologist.

Diagnosis:  Corneal Erosion and Severe Dry Eye

Me After Receiving: Suffering but glad is was not worse.

I was prescribed:

Ointment to put on the eye(takes some getting use too) 4-6 times a day

Artificial Tears-4-6 times a day or as many as needed

RX Drop-SaltWater Drops to heal the scratches and remove the water from the Cornea…yes Salt Water and Yes they B-U-R-N like Salt Water in your eyes.

Baby Shampoo-eyelash scrub with qtip-Yes it Burns too

Warm compresses 4-6 times a day

Well I got tired of heating up a Towel in the microwave so I decided to make a super quick rice pack.



I used this easy tutorial by Mommy Monologue.  I grabbed some scraps and made 2 one for the office and one for home.  If I didn’t have deadline sewing I could think of some other body parts I could soothe with cute rice packs.


Keep me in your prayers.

Happy Sewing!



  1. mamasbeeneez says:

    Awwww…you look miserable, but Gurl even when down still not out the game…praying all be well with you n yours n talk with you soon…rice packs are cute.

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