These are the days of our lives

Since coming back from Costa Rica I have had a heck of a time!

Saturday: Back from Costa Rica.

Sunday: Left church heading  to pick up the pooch I cracked a filling on my tooth whilst eating Terra Veggie Chips.

Monday:  I woke up with a swollen eye!  wha?????eh…….painful.

Tuesday the  eye went down during the day……itching had begun.

Wednesday quasimodo! Eye barely open.  I went to the Dr and was given some ointment…it took some adjusting.  Think Vaseline in the eye!

Thursday: Headed to the office the bus driver slams on breaks, my ear slams against the metal bar….stunned….ear bleeding as I had my earbuds in my ear preparing to knit

Friday get to the dentist to the repair the filling….deep cleaning needed around the permanent retainer about 5 shots in the gums. Only half was complete.


I have had some week now with all that said each incident could have been worse so I thank God for last week and His grace.  Amisdst all that I still tried to find some to create cuteness.


On the Wheel(s):

PicMonkey Collage

L=Blue Sunset 4 oz BFL (Matchless)

R=Burnt Orange Tonal (Espinner)

On the hook:



This is still on the hook!  It may become my office hookin’ not sure.  Also thinking of starting this hat too!

The Knitwit:


My socks are still on the needles sans heels and toes as the yarn  arrived today so  I will dye it up this weekend.  Can’t wait to get those off the needles and wear them.

I have been doing some sewing too!



Whew what a week but I am on the mend!






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