Target Vortex

Happy Monday!  Have you updated your planner this week?  Have you used your planner? I Heart my planners and they help me stay organized and on task.  I will admit though as much as I like to use my planner I like to accessorize it as well.

One of the easiest places to fall into the a  planner accessories frenzy is the dollar spot at target.  I just get sucked in…with all the cuteness for only 1-3 dollars.  Here are a few of my latest finds:


Cute Mini Gel Pens, Gold and Black Pens and Mechanical Pencils!



I couldn’t resist the little mini Gel Pens.  The write pretty smooth with the black being the best.  If you’re looking for metallic the gold and silver aren’t bad either.  The white however did not show up on any paper.  I tried black cardstock with a flat the smooth surface….Nothing.


1-IMG_8940Since gold as come back with a vengeance these 2 pens are …eh ok. Basic black pens with a fine tip.  Cute none the less and would great in a gold rimed pencil cup..I’m just sayin’.

Not much to say about the mechanical pencils but I do love to have fun pencils instead of the solid boring kins.  At $1 this works for all budgets.

hmmm…….what shall I store all my pens in….jeopardy music playing…..







  1. Love the pens! Target really should open a shop in Belgium! :p

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