Costa Rica Chronicles

We’re back from our most wonderful anniversary vacation to Costa Rica. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L


We were able to experience all Costa Rica had to offer one resort was for relaxation and basking in the sun.  The other was seeing Gods creation in its natural habitat.  The rainforest made me wonder what the Garden of Eden must’ve looked like.

1-IMG_8780 2-IMG_8683

It was simply marvelous and left you awestruck.  I normally travel with a sock and traveling out of the US was no different.  I took two projects with me, My Toe Up ( I am knitting cuff down) DVD Socks vanilla socks and the Yowza Shawl. Socks are so great to travel with.  Once we arrived we had a 4 hour drive to our resort so I knit away….somewhat.  I did a ton backseat driving as driving in a foreign country can be eventful.  I’d hoped to find some yarn for socks and toes but to no avail.  Infact when I asked the tour guide had no idea of what I was taking about.  My goal was to finish both socks except for heels and toes…I did…or so I thought.


For the life of me I could not find my previous sock notes and certainly I didn’t want to make them too long, so I knit and stopped at 5 inches for the foot.  When we made it home ack…I needed 5.5 inches for the foot.  No worries that’s just a few more rows on each so I will complete those rows on the commute this week.  I will order some yarn and dye it for my toes.  As we we drove to our excursions I worked on my socks.  At night I doodled a bit in my planner.



My husband thought my artwork was hysterical!  I told him don’t hate:).  Unfortunately I was not able to find any yarn or fabric :(.   I only like to buy useful souvenirs so I’d hoped maybe to find a coffee sack that I could convert into a project bag. No such luck….but I did find this!


I also HAD to get this cook book!  YUM!

We had  a great time and met some great tourists from all over the world.  On the flight I worked on the Yowza Shawl while listening to AD 30 by Ted Dekkar.  Its a Great book! This shawl is simply to simple for me so I switched to crochet.  Being Bi-stitchual has its advantages!


The beauty was there but also not so beautiful..  Costa rica is ranked very high as one of the most popular tourisms locations and I agree.  What is disturbing is the poverty that I saw pulled at my heart strings.  We are a first world country as we have over developed our land and stolen from others…this country has preserved a vast majority of its beauty and they are underdeveloped … It gave me something to think about.  I have so many memories to document and scrapbook so stay tuned for those pages…coming soon.

Now I have crafting fever since I’ve been gone for 8 days….Toodles!



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