Memphis with Mama-The End

We planned to sleep in late on Friday.  We did.  We left the house at one o’clock and headed to lunch at Alcenia’s in downtown Memphis. Its a teeny, tiny place with a lot of love.  Food isn’t cooked until ordered so please keep that in mind.

9-IMG_1181 8-IMG_1179


It was for sure a Soul Food Lunch.  4-IMG_1175 5-IMG_1176 6-IMG_1177

This made me laugh….Ghetto Aid!



After lunch we headed to the Stax musuem.  This was cool.  Unfortnately the orginal studio was torn down such a shame.  To see some of the clothes was too funny.  Shorts and boots…LOL.  Whoa Rufus Thomas! Some of the artists I knew but my mom new them ALL!






Ok Isaac Hayes 24 Karat Gold plated Cadillac was over the top..talkin’ about Pimp my ride!




08-IMG_1189 07-IMG_1188

It was also super cool to see an Oscar in person too!


We finished the night with dinner at Strano, a Sicilian Kitchen and Bar.

The atmosphere was great. The restaurant located in the Cooper Young neighborhood was very charming.  Surrounding by several restaurants this restaurant is definitely a keeper.  We made reservations due to our Groupon and were seated right away.

Source: Stano

Source: Strano

The Goat cheese bruschetta……was Killer!




We each order an entree and feasted! We left with 3 doggie bags:)

1-IMG_1203 1-IMG_1202 1-IMG_1201



Well that concluded my 3 day trip.  I have a 5:45 am flight so we all crashed.  I had a blast…stay tuned for mother day.




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