Memphis with the Mama-Part 1

I arrived safely…I think the pilot was speeding, LOL.   We left at 7:25 landed at 8:40.







I am hanging out the my mother this week!  Yay! I had some lose it or use it vacation so perfect time to drop in and hang out with my mama!

The weather has been great! Drool….



Here’s how we roll…..THRIFTSHOP, SECONDHAND, CONSIGNMENT, GARAGE SALES, FABRICS SHOPS, YARN SHOPS.  all things creative.  I also managed to score 3 groupons before I arrived too!

The first day we had breakfast at La Shish Cafe.  It was good to sit and chat over a soul food meal.





Service was Great. If you are in the area you should stop by they’ve been in business for about 6 months.  Now that our bellies were full we hit the second hand shopping.  This strip mall was too much for me to handle…A Goodwill, Dirt Cheap(new to me) and Restore!  It was like the second hand trinity!

Dirt Cheap-This is a store that receives brand new product like clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor from retailers.  The store is  a M-E-S-S!  It was overwhelming to me and cluttered but the prices were RIGHT.  Since I was flew in I didn’t really look at the home dec as that would not fit in my suitcase but it was good prices.  The pricing was set up by alphabet and % off.  Here are 2 pieces my mom picked up for me that were Neiman Marcus for Target  by designer Tracy Reese at….ready….drum roll.  $1.99……EACH




I think I have just found my Easter dress!

Next we hit the Goodwill.  I do enjoy shopping at the Goodwill and the missions they support..however this was my second location where there are no sizes. Grr….  They did have the sized written on the tags but I still prefer to have the sizing on the racks instead of the individual garments.

I managed to score a few things between for Costa Rica too


how cute is the lace clutch????  My husband is going to rock that tie!






This place was a store that received the good will product that the don’t sell. I have been a thrifter for years ….this will prove whether you are a  do or die thrifter.  All apparel is weighed by the pound.


I didn’t die but I did see these:)
1-IMG_1140We hit 6 locations….Good Times.






  1. Enjoy your time with your mother, looks like you scored some really good deals!

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