Craft Packing for Memphis

I am heading to Memphis for a few days.  Oh what to pack..what to bring?

First off: I am reading through the bible so I wrote down my chapters.

Now back to the story….

I had purchased some luggage for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica so now was the time to try it out.  I love to celebrate being a woman so when I saw this Betsy Ross Bag …I had to have it.  Its quilted faux leather trimmed in a pale pink, cream and black with gold embellies,  satin lining and tons of zippers and pockets.






The thought of traveling with zero crafts ….I can not think of it!

As of 2013 TSA has approved knitting needeles.  Thank you.  Now we are in business.   I grabbed my small WIPS and my Vespera espinner( I will review shortly).  While packing I realized that the espinner was NOT going to fit in my suitcase.  So I wrapped it up in Seran Wrap and prayed for safety and no TSA drama.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to have trouble checking it but no issues at all.  It fit in my carryon and off we went.  I worked on my sock a little while waiting at the gate.  I hope I can find some toes and heels in Memphis.  Here’s what I am vanilla socks



and a little crochet…..




Off I go…..









  1. mamasbeeneez says:

    Have fun n safe travels.

  2. Thanks doll!

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