Spiritual Circle Journal and *GIVEAWAY*


I had the privilege of going to a One day women’s retreat this weekend, Seeking God in fresh new ways.

I walked away feeling like I was given a game plan to spend more time with My God.  Time.  That’s the key word. If you follow either one of my blogs you know time is what I don’t have.  (Confession) What I also know is I will find time for the things want to do.

I was invited by my friend and Sister in Christ, Gladys.


The retreat was about 30minutes away from 9am-4pm.  There were about 24 attendees all there for different reasons but the main reason was to find a way to have a deeper, closer relationship with Christ.  The first half of the Retreat which focused on our lives and schedules.  Also how to apply the Spiritual Circle Journal to your life was facilitated by Christian Life Coach ,Liz Lassa.


 You can read her story here.  

Here’s a glimpse into my Journal Entry:1-IMG_1076



It was so interesting that there were a room full of ladies and during quiet time I felt so intimate as I wrote in my Journal.  I really needed a method like this.  It reminds me of Project Life but for the Bible it can be simple or as elaborate based on your life’s schedule.

The remainder of the day was hosted by The Creative and very talented Christian Artist Tamara Peterson. This time was allotted for art journaling which I had never done.  I have been scrapbooking for about 2 years but never journaled.   We created a small canvas as well using our word for 2105 … Community was  mine. 








The retreat was personal, the attendees and hosts were loving and transparent.  The event was administratively professional, punctual and definitely gave you a practical solution to spending more time with God.

I encourage you to read the 1st chapter which Liz provides for FREE here. Not an Artist, not interested in all the decorating that’s fine too.  This journal is not about decorating its about spending time with the Creator so you can have a deeper relationship with Him.  Words will do.

I recommend this retreat as I think it is a new, fresh way to review your quiet time and your study time.

So in an effort to spread the Gospel and help you grow in your walk with Christ I purchased an extra journal to give away.  I am not affiliated with Liz but I do agree that the Spiritual Circle Journal is a fresh way to Renew your relationship with God or start a relationship with Him.

*Spiritual Circle Journal Giveaway*



Spiritual Circle Journal

Embellishments-can be used for art journaling canvas

Prayer Card

Color Pencils

PL 3 x 4 journaling cards

This contest will go through Sunday January 25-February 13.  I will randomly choose a commenter.

Giveaway Rules:

Leave a Comment below on how you spend time with the Lord.

At His Service,




  1. Nyleve K.. says:

    Okay I know I can’t win, but this has got to be one of the coolest things I have seen! I read a lot and pray

    • Yes you can win! When it comes to Christ family is never ineligible! This was super cool and practical. Check out the first free chapter when you have a chance.

      • Betty Hunter says:

        my personal time with the Lord, is prayer (intercession), Praise and Worship and mediating the word, this is so refleshing for me, and I so desire to be with the Lord, this time is so initmate and precious to me, it’s in this time spent, that I hear clearly what the Lord is saying and I grow closer and closer to Him each day. He Is the Air I Breathe.

      • Oh Betty! I too share the desire to be with him. Its so true when we are silent that we hear His voice and that we grow closer to Him.

  2. This is a great idea, thank you for the opportunity to win! I am going to read the first chapter to see if this concept would help me with my walk. I don’t spend nearly as much time as I should but I do pray and read my bible daily and,try to attend church weekly, I also joined a FB group (Hide His World in my heART) where we are taking an artful journey through scripture.

  3. I have started training for a half marathon , as the walks become longer I calm myself through prayer and conversation. After about the first 30 minutes , I relax and I can reflect , relate and release. This has been a bonus to meeting this goal , alone time with God.

  4. Evelyn Varnado Carter says:

    Wonderful Blog………….God Bless

  5. Chloe Rayner says:

    Just read a part of chapter one, and I would like to read more. I talk with God everywhere, for his is with me and in me.

  6. Roz Dixon says:

    I just get in a quiet space and talk & pray with the Lord about everything. This makes me feel closer to the Lord. I also just have to throw my arms up and give the Lord some praise because he’s worthy.

  7. I start the day by saying “Good morning God, thank you for another day” followed by listening to KLOVE or Moody on the ride to work. Your recent blog made me realize I need to spend more quiet time with the Lord.

  8. I like to sit back and look at what I have and don’t have in life and thank God for it. Say a personal and private prayer to him to let him know I’m grateful. I also try to sit down with my oldest and go over the ways to live with morals and the God set out for her.

  9. I like to spend my time worshiping through music and doing daily devotionals. I scrapbook and am very interested in combining my faith with art:)

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