Sunday Spinning and Fellowship

What a great Sunday! It started out with Sunday School we have begun a new study, The Life of Christ….GREAT STUDY! Service today was refreshing Who Knows was the topic as we are continuing our Study on Prayer.  After service we had dinner with our dear friends.  Oh its such a joy to fellowship, dine and talk about the Gospel.   Heart is filled!

After a fulfilling day we made it home about 7 in evening and I took some time to spin.  I have been trying to spin for 15 minutes a day but I don’t push it.  Sometimes I am simply too tired..DO.NOT.SPIN.WHEN.TIRED.  i’m just sayin’. I have learned this.  Back over the summer I purchased The Weeping Angels 2 (5.4oz) colorway from CorgiHill Farms with the hopes of combining it with a Natural BFL I picked up at Midwest Fiber Festival.

Weeping Angels2





Content:Both Fiber contents are 85% BFL and 15% Silk.

Plan: 3 Ply-I love the way a 3 ply creates a round bouncy yarn.  It’s spinning smoothly on the Matchless and I have been using some of the techniques from my Craftsy Class Drafting Worsted to Woolen-review soon!  I am really enjoying this spin both fibers were combed top and really easy to attenuate and are spinning well.  I have one and a half bobbins left to spin.  My plan is too keep spinning until I am tired so it may be a while before you see my finished yarn.

Here is what I have in mind based on my yardage, the Serena Shadow Shawl by Anatonia Shakland  I love the look of this !

Photo courtesy of Ravelry

Photo courtesy of Ravelry


I have some time off before vacation so I should whip out the last 1 and half bobbins.  Happy Spinning!




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