Review-Katies Modern Net Ipad Case


That is what I would call my Ipad case.  Time for a change…hello Etsy.  I started scouring Etsy looking for a pattern  TMI alert! I take my Ipad into the bathroom and listen to podcasts and or watch you tube videos.  I need one that would stand up and fold.  The hunt was on.  I purchased the fabric from Joann’s some time ago with no project in mind I just thought I love it…I’ll take half a yard please!  After my Etsy search I decided to purchase a pattern from Katie’s Modern Nest

iPad Case Pattern for 2, 3 and 4th generations

Photo credit: Etsy



Retail: $9.50PDF download

Love the crisp look and yes it folds back!

Overall I have mixed feelings but I love Love LURVE the finished product!


How does that work you ask?  I  felt the pattern should have come with pieces instead of measurements.  I felt as though I was  taking a chance and hoping everything lined up since you couldn’t see the project coming together until you finished.  So it was a wee bit nerve wrecking.  Would I recommend this pattern yes but with the knowledge that you maybe sewing a little blind.

Modifications:  I ordered masonite from Amazon but when it arrived at 1/4 inch thick I changed my mind!  I used chipboard tripled instead of masonite.


Not sure how long that little closure will hang on but its doing its job for now.



You can fit an Iphone5 inside the otterbox case inside



Great for pens as well


See here I could have raised he velcro up a tad as I said I would have loved for that patch to have been marked.



2 pockets for more stashing

2 pockets for more stashing.





I love how it turned out.  Would I make it again…certainly!

Happy Stitchin’







  1. mamasbeeneez says:

    I love that….haven’t been able to reply hopefully this goes thru…Happy New Year

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