Planner Heaven-Kikki K Personal Planner First Impression

During the holidays I ordered a new planner and a few goodies from Kikki K.

Kikki K is an Australian Based Company founded by Kristina Karlsson….a professed stationary addict.  If you are not familiar with Kikki K I encourage you to take a look……’ve been warned.  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G  is cute.




Now lets get to the goods!

My ordered :

Textured Personal Leather Planner in Pink

Life’s Little Stickers 2pk 2015-out of stock at time of post



These are teenie and on a transparent backgound not a white background.  So on white paper some of the lilac and light pink is a bit difficult to see.  They are the perfect size though for A5 size

Paperbook Cute 2015-out of stock at time of post-As a scrapbooker too this little book is great!  Its full of tags, envelopes, circles, cards






Mechanical Pencil in Natural


Ok…..I just thought this was fun!

Mini Stationary Set


This its so teenie tiny but I think its great


Shipping Time and Packaging:

I placed my order Christmas Eve 12/24. I received my shipping notice 12/29 and my package was delivered to my desk 1/5.  Great shipping time considering this was the holidays and traveling from Australia.  The Box was red and white with snow flakes….tag line said ….expect snow.

Everything was packed well, the accessories were wrapped in tissue paper and the planner was packaged in its on box wrapped with tissue paper.

If you’ve never ordered from Kikki K the packaging is a great indication of how cute the goodies are inside.  Well Done Kikki K! Aside of the cuteness everything arrived safely with no physical damage..that’s a plus.




the Planner is a muted pink I would almost describe it as a bubble gum pink.  I do not feel its offensive at all the picture gives a good indication of the color laying against the hot pink packaging.  The binder had no strong odor or visible mark on the outside.



The inside is gray and cream…not WHITE.  Cream like the planner pages that come with Filofax if you are familiar with that brand of planner.  The notepad is cream.  The rings are gold 🙂 and all but one are tight(disappointed in that:().


On the left side are 3 business card size one at the top which contains the “Today” size post its, a secretarial pocket and a zipper.  The pocket is very easy to slip your hand into.




The Tabs were a mix of primary tabs and a pink a grey.  I don’t care for the primary colors as they do not flow with the softness of the pink, cream and gray.  This will be removed and added to my Finsbury.





The planner also comes divider stickers in various colors.



Unfortunately the paper inside is horrible.  Much Much too thin, infact its see through!  For this price better quality paper should be used.  I love that its undated and has the notes section I would love for it to be thicker and opaque.

1-IMG_8176to do list…..



Blank paper are in the remaining 3 tabs.


The notepad trimmed in pink is fun …..the cream is just not my thing though.  That will be replaced.


There is only one pen/pencil holder on the right side made of elastic not leather.


STAIN…ugh.  When I rubbed this with my fingernail 95% came out.  If I could do it that quickly so could the factory before it was mailed.  I wasn’t happy about that but I felt better once I was able to scrub it a little.


There was also wrinkling on the silk screen in the inside.



The backside is stamped Kikki K in gold, nice touch.


Here is a size comparison to my Filofax Finsbury A5 the Kikki K personal Planner is about 1/4 taller.




Looks: If you are looking for cute A5 sized planner, The Kikki K Personal is the way to go.  The color choices scream femininity, up to date and trendy.  The gold rings just add to the planners uniqueness.  The texture of the planner is like a linen texture and it feels substantial in the hand but not to firm and stiff.  If you are into Handmade this is a good choice.  On the other hand this is hand made, as a maker myself so there will be characterstics of handmade-ness vs machine and perfect uniformity…..stain, wrinkled silk screen and ring not closed properly(not sure it that has anything to do with it handmade origin).  Search inside you soul and see if this is going to bother you….and make a decision.    This also may come into play if you decide to resell your planner as you may not get your requested cost due to a defect.  If you are a person who like to use, create or purchase printable( I do I d0!!) your pages Month the Month, etc  then it will not bother you to remove the included pages.  If you are not please factor in that you are only buying the cover unless you use the anemic pages inside.  One pen strap is limiting but not a deal breaker for me as I have a pen pouch for my bazillion pens.  I also love that Kikki K is not just a site that sells planners so if you need ideas for you home, inspiration and just girl overload check it out.  For Planner assembly there are videos from Kikki K and tons of You-Tube videos for inspiration.  The true test will see how it holds up to my lifestyle.  Stay Tuned.

Happy Planning!






  1. Eugenia says:

    Did you end up using your paper lovers book?

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