First Pair of Toe Up Socks-the Afterthought Heel

I need something on the rocks….maybe a Gingerbeer, LOL.  Every one says that an afterthought heel is easy.  Well…. IT’S TRUE! ok maybe it was simply the thought of having to open up your knitting when pulling out your waste yarn that made me want to assume the crash position!!!!!  I watched the afterthought heel series by KnitPurlHunter.  EXCELLENT tutorial series.

Picking up my stitches!

Picking up my stitches!

One side done....whew no blood shed

Both rows picked up….whew no blood shed

Lets remove the waste yarn!

Lets remove the waste yarn!

Here goes.....eek

Here goes…..eek



Now its time to decrease.  What I didn’t realize is this afterthought heel is just like a toe.





See a toe…well a hello but looks just like a toe.


All I have to do is crank out the leg and cuff.  This pair looks like it really going to fit perfectly….too excited.








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