Review-Filofax A5 Finsbury Planner

Happy New Year Everyone!  A new year has begun and is often the time that we get organized and make resolutions.  I am not a New Years Resolutions person but I do have goals and tasks that I would like to achieve.  To help with that I decided to invest in a quality day planner.  I say invest as planners come in range for all budgets from Kate Spade to dollar tree planners! In the past I’ve used the weekly, daily planners from the office supply store.  While surfing on You tube I saw videos on a planner company called Filofax.  In October, I purchased the Filofax A5 size, Style Finsbury in Cherry Red here are my thoughts.


Retail: $103.95(remember I said investment) I purchased mine from Amazon, used for $49.97.  This planner showed absolutely Z-E-R-O signs of use. Score!!!!

Lets see the measurements.  If you are new to planners the different measurements can be confusing.  The A5 Filofax measures:

Filofax side by side


A5 is approximately 5 X8.  The finsbury plannes come in sizes A5, personal, compact and pocket.

Since this was a re-seller I did not takes pictures of the packaging .


The Finsbury is pebbled leather with a snap closure.  The unit itself and feels quite substantial and firm.


The inside pockets and  one tight zipper.  I dont use it as is too tight for my liking.



Notice the rings….sounds like a special hole punch to me….yup it sure does.  I will use a singe manual punch for right now.  The rings locked very nicely.  The ring opener is very flat so it can be a little stiff to open.







The pages are very thin in fact you can see through them so I won’t be using those.  So for my use this is going to call for a little extra work to achieve the look and functionality I want.

Overall Cuteness Level: NC=Not…yet.  I find it  professional with a a little fun.  The planner itself is not cute on its own but it has huge potential.  I feel for the investment that the paper should be thicker and if you are in the US note the pages are weeks on two pages not a full calendar.  It comes in fashionable colors which we girls like, really nice quality leather (didn’t realize they made leather planners, substantial feel and hand to it.    I think you would trade this in for a swap before you would wear it down and that’s a good thing.  But to give it the cuteness we like we’re going to have to do somethings…..stay tuned.

Happy Planning and Welcome 2015!

See you Cuties,



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