First Pair of Toe up Socks-The Leg and Cuff

I wanted to share with you the rest of my sock!  Lets pick up where we left off shall we…

We’ve finished the foot now we just knit in the round ….just keep knitting…just keep knitting..

The pattern suggests the leg to be the same length as the foot,  5 inches in my case.


Oh my its its time for the cuff already  Wow!

I decided to do 2 x 2 rib , K2 P2 for 2 inches.  I would die if I had to do 1 x 1 so 2 x 2 works for me!  SWITCH! I switched to my Addi Turbo US 0 40″ needles for the cuffs.  Worked out perfect. I want these socks to fit and fit well…hope it works.


Sock one is now resting…and  looks like a Mans Neck Tie, LOL.  I am pleased…I have finally made a sock for a real human.  I’m calling my mother!




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