Christmas Recap!

Happy After Christmas!

I hope your holiday was nothing short of Amazing! Did you spend time with family?  Eat way too much? Play with your gadgets for the rest of the day?  Well whatever you did I hope enjoyed your day.  As I type this I am giggling inside as I thought I would spend ALL day with my gift, A Matchless!


Not at all!  I did however think I was going to prep my fiber Christmas Eve so I would be ready.  Ha I feel asleep with the fiber in the bed, lol.  Our Christmas plans were changed at the last minute so I jumped on and spun for 2 minutes, lol.  That was it. I had such a busy few weeks when Christmas arrived I needed rest!  Remember me being sick….that set me behind.  I had to do some mad sewing! I had a request for a few bags that were to be Christmas gifts.  There orders were:

1 Chicago Bulls Box Bag

1 Alabama State Box Bag

4 Cute Wristlets

oh and one bag I made for myself but I needed to add my handle and close the seam.

I LOVE Box bags they can be used for so many things.  What’s so cool about fabric is its such a reflection of your personality.  Both recipients are total sports fan so these bags were a treat to make.




I had my Medium doll bag some time ago but I didn’t have my handle supply yet.  When it arrived I attached it and worked on the wristlets.  Quick and Fun projects are great!



How was your holiday?  What did you create or make? Leave me a pic/comment I would love to see.





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