Winter Getaway and Haul Part 2-Dubuque Iowa

On our Getaway we spent the second half in Dubuque, IA



We stayed at the RedStone Inn Bed and Breakfast for 2 nights.  What a charming B&B, victorian charming and quaint.  This was the office season so we had it all to ourself.  The owner was wonderful, accommodating, great conversationalist and a pleasure all around.





Although Dubuque may not be everyone’s cup of tea we found much to do!  The Mississippi River Boat Museum and Aquarium, 3 thrift stores, a quilt shop and a local yarn store!  The yarn store, Yarn Soup was refreshing.




It was the peferct size for Dubuque and carried a few yarns I had not heard of…so I had to bring it home:).  Introducing Vice on the Paradigm Base..I am seeing a crochet shawl in my future.



I also picked us some two Skeins of Cascade Paints @45% off as I wanted to make something in fall like colors.

I then grabbed to chocolate Alpaca blends

Small bottle of Euclan-I have only used soak and I am not very impressed.  The Jasmine smells sooooo good!

Locking stitch marks

Gauage O knit.

I am a sucker for tools!






By the time we left the yarn shop the quilt store was closed…we said to each other…Next time for sure!

Merry Craftmas!







  1. That yarn looks so soft nd rich n color. Lol u nd yur tools. Merry Christmas!!!!

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