Winter Getaway and Haul Part 1-Galena, IL

The husband and I took a trip to Galena Illinois(again:))and Dubuque IA over the weekend.  We had a great time, ate TOO MUCH and really enjoyed spending time together.  Galena is the one place in Illinois that the glaciers did not touch so it looks like San Francisco!  B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L.  Its also the place of President US. Grants home.  There is sooo much history there.  Also a few resorts, B&B’s,  boutiques, restaurants, landmarked homes and beauty all around.  Here is the cute villa we stayed in.

This was a 2 bedroom house.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND

This was a 2 bedroom house. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

What’s interesting is there are two speciality hobby stores in this mostly touristy area, Ink and Stamp with Sue and Fiberwild.  What a treat!  I enjoy going into local hobby stores while traveling it just makes me happy.

Fiberwild-is a beautiful shop with most of your traditional yarn shop brands-Cascade, malabrigo oh they do have tons of sock yarn too.  Addi’s were on sale so I had to pick up another sock rocket:). She had about four or five 4 oz fiber colorways also but no spinning tool.   There samples were really nice too.  Its a nice size and the staff were helpful as well.  I find myself always looking for the indie dyer and reminding myself to support the LYS as well.



Next we stepped into Ink and Stamp with Sue.  This is an equally as large store which included Art, stamping and scrapbook supplies.




I purchased a few things to add to my Journal Your Christmas Album for 2015. Such a teenie haul:) but I love cut apart sheets.



I heart this one too!




This maybe my 2015 JYC kit….I love the colors..gray..ahhhhhh

If you are ever in Galena I encourage you to support these local craft shops.

Merry Craftmas!




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