Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

I am slowly getting into the holiday spirit.  It hasn’t really snowed this holiday season and I  need something tactile.  I haven’t put up the tree yet , after being sick and having custom projects I a am behind in my festiveness.  Instead of the tree we had a bazzilion bags to donate in the location where the tree would be.  I am blogging while on our Winter weekend getaway but in the mean time I needed a little help getting into the spirit.  What would help more than holiday yarn?  Nothing I say!

Meet Holly Jolly on the blitz base from New to me Indie Dyer Voolenvine Yarns by Kristen of the Yarngasm Podcast

This has just the sparkle of Stelina.

This has just the sparkle of Stellina.

Needles: Addi Turbo Sock Rocks.  I find the yarn is soo slippery on the sock rockets so I ordered a Knitters Pride Karbonz to see if it will give me better control.

Here is Kristen description of her Blitzed Base-Blitzed Fingering yarn is a surprisingly soft 2-ply blend of 75% superwash merino, 20% nylon, and 5% sparkling Stellina … because let’s face it, glitter makes everything better! Perfect for a sparkly pair of socks and other garments. Yardage: Approx. 438 yds / 100g

Yarn Review

This base is very squishy and sparkly since it contains Stellina.  Although its a 2 ply I am having no issues with the yarn splitting and I believe I had only one knot which is well below the industry standard of 3.

Bi-stitchual Worthiness-A+A+A+A+

Sock Notes:

I decided at the last minute to put down the FIRST PAIR OF TOE UP SOCKS(which are all done without heels…need a stiff Ginger Beer 🙂 for my first after thought heel) and quickly knit up some Christmas socks.  ….Er…UHM..did I say quickly.  That is NOT going to happen but I am ok with that.  I am a maker of things with my hands… time is all I have.  I figured I would do a plain vanilla sock..then thought…ugh no.  Since I was did my first park and some mitts that were vanilla….NO WAY.  I need some seasoning in my life!  Hello Hermione’s Everyday Socks!

Love the subtle texture

Love the subtle texture

I’ve always wanted to try this pattern so no better time then the present.  Ha! I had to nerve to modify the pattern to Toe Up…Go me.  Yes that’s simple..but I take pride in ANY knitting modifications big or small.  I do however believe this would have been faster knit top down.



Love the subtle texture this pattern is giving and I am very pleased how my socks are turning out.  How are you getting into the holiday spirit?  I would love to see your holiday creations!

Merry Christmas,




  1. Love it!!!!!!

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