Christmas Resources-Help for the Knitwit and Spin-ster



We’re off to help the knitter Tis the season!

Learn to Knit!

The complete Beginners Guide to Knitting-by Nici Beason. retails $20 Amazon(prime)

I learned to knit from this DVD….AMAZING.  This video shows the process in slow motion and has trouble shooting.  I can not recommend this enough! A++

Tools- Needles and Yarn!

Knitting Needles-Straights or Circulars

-This will become a personal preference of the knitter I suggest buying one of each if its in your budget.  I quickly gravitate to the circulars since I commute and knit that way I wouldn’t “bump” people or lose my project since its on a cable.



Bargain Bundle-Beginner

Clover size 8 Straight Knitting needles or Clover Circular*caution the cable may need to be placed near a light bulb as the cable on clover needles can be stiffer than other local yarn store brands*

Loops and Threads Yarn from Michaels(chunky)

Garter Stitch Pattern by Nici Beason plus the video!


Splurge Bundle-Beginner

Size 8 fixed Circular from local yarn shop-*most cables on LYS needles are really flexible*

Cascade 220 superwash-great workhouse superwash wool around $10.50 a skein

Beginner Knitting Class at your Local Yarn Shop My Local Shop SIFU Design Center has a learn to knit 5 week workshop $160 at the time of this post.


Seasoned Knitter…this list could possibly never end!


Signature Needle Set ($$$$$)

Kniiters Pride Karbonz($$$)

Knit Picks Harmony Straights or Circular interchangable($$)


For sock Knitters

Source Etsy

Source Etsy

( Addi Turbo Sock  rockets-THESE ARE A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  You can never have enough.($)

Yarn Bowl

Source: Etsy

Source: Etsy

DPN Holders

For those how have access to a computer!

(ABSOLUTE BEGINNER)-Tin Can Knits Simple Collection

Source: Tin Can Knits

Source: Tin Can Knits

A Craftsy class ($$)


Stashbot App-Hannah Fettig

Knit to Flatter Membership-Amy Herzog


Too overwhelmed with what to get!!!!!  Simply

A class/gift card to your local yarn shop ($Varies)

Project Bags-Here, Here and Here

And don’t forget YARN!!!  You can support independent dyers or your local yarn shop.

Some of my favorite Indie dyers :

Bluemoon Fiber Arts

Invictus Yarns

Expressions Fibers Arts

Turtlepurl Yarns

Into The Whirled


Most of these sellers also have giftcards as well.


Off to the Spinners!


Is your recipeient a Spindle or Wheel Spinner?  Lets start with Spindle Spinning

Budget-Several Etsy seller sell handmade spindles

Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont


Fiber-Undyed for practice here, here, here


Splurge!-Bosworth Spindles


Wheel Spinner or want to be a wheel spinner


Budget-Honey Bee Sit N Ply This is my wheel and I learned to spin on it with no help it Real Wood-red oak, and cost efficient for a beginner.

Fiber-Undyed for practice here, here, here

Craftsy Class-Drafting from Worsted to Woolen (priceless)

Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook

Spinning class at yarn shop or local Guild.

I hope this helps you with your holiday shopping!




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