First Pair Toe Up Socks

I will be a sock knitter. P.E.R.I.O.D.

I actually wore a pair of my handknit socks..they felt wonderful.  Even though one kept falling down..ALL DAY it still felt nice on the feet with no pain. I have really sensitive feet as in I can step on city drains as it feels like I walked over it bare foot.  I can’t wear socks with the nonslip texture…ouch..and I’ve had 8 foot surgeries.  Its important to have pain free socks that feel good and I enjoy knitting them…on to the sock.

I want to try Toe up …..Magic Loop

I tried it in my sock knitting class and after knitting socks cuff down….I hated it.  The provisional cast on was a mess for me.  If you have knit a few garments you realize there a a bazillion way to knit and yup a bazillion ways to cast on. Don’t give up find the format that works for you.  Well provisional was just NOT working:).  I found this post on Knitty…and I found the perfect cast on for me.  Figure Eight!!

Using Addi Turbo Sock Rockets US 1 (2.5MM) with a 40″ cable.  How will you know which needle size?  Do a gauge swatch in the round.  I DID NOT.  Now that I knit English knitter my gauge is soooo much tighter…I am glad about that but it is a constant reminder how important a role swatching plays in a finished garment.  So the socks I started out turned into Fingerless mitts:).  At least it wasn’t a total loss.

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rocks Lightweight-Supercolourfragalistic…sooo pretty!

How Pretty is that?

How Pretty is that?

Pattern:  DVD Socks  A Basic Toe Up Sock Formula

READ your pattern and begin to do your math.  I put my notes in my Planner, on a index card.





I wound my yarn into to 2 balls..I’m ready to begin.

I watched this video for the figure 8 and completed the cast on. Whew that was easy.  It can be loose so be careful. Now on to increasing.


I had trouble her as I misread the pattern.  Here was my issue..M1.  I used this video for the M1 and it clicked. If you are fighting your pattern re-read it you shouldn’t fight your yarn.  I forgot the working and rest row logic.  Increase one round….knit the next round.  After that hurdle I was on a roll.


Don’t forget you total stitches will be split between your front and back needle.


A toe is born.  I keep an index card in my planner with my sock notes


Keeping track of working and rest rows

I periodically checked my gauge to be sure it was the same 9 sts per inch.  spot on..yea!

My toe is complete on to the foot! stay tuned.







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