This weekend I passed a new to me Thrift shop in Palatine, Home of the Sparrow……Have car will make a u-turn from Thrift Store, LOL.


This was a great little find.

The store was odorless




ebay printouts for items so you could see their value.

Proceeds donated to women’s homes

Frequent Shoppers Card

Name Brand Merchandise

Excellent Staff..and 5 other locations!!!!!!



The Irony leaving the thrift store with a Macy's bag

The Irony leaving the thrift store with a Macy’s bag!

Nothing exciting here but black cotton 1.5 yards.  $2

Nothing exciting here but black cotton fabric 1.5 yards. $2

Intent: Used to line project bags

Gap Jeans

Gap Jeans $6

Why must Pepper Photobomb EVERYTHING!!  I don’t normally purchase jeans from traditional stores as they are all low rise, med waist.  That is not by body type so I far well with older style jeans with enough fabric for your Bare necessities:).  I normally find a 8L so I hem them using this method here from Youtube.

Intent: Use RIT dye and darken, I used this easy Hem Video here.



I love to scour thrift shops for craft finds!


Plastic Canvas-used to fit inside of handmade hats $.50 a sheet.  I will share with the hookers at work

Embroidery hoops-Love to use as wall art and love the small sizes

Vintage Clothes Pin-Great for crafts, wrapping yarn especially when you have to rip back, Chip clips all kinds of things

Vintage Hem Marker-Woo!  self explanatory! I heart vintage sewing do-dads


Vera Bradley Turnlock Wallet in the retired colorway provencal

Intent: Revel in this total score but most definetely use it!  The wallet was brand new and had the tag on the back.  This score was $10.  It sells for $49 in the current colorways

Leather clutch

Leather clutch


Intent: $7 use it as a clutch or….put important documents inside.  Love the texture.

Skirt Hanger

Skirt Hanger

Intent: Actually give it to Spousie so he can organize and hang his bowties.

Scarf and Gloves

Scarf and Gloves

Intent:  Wear them of course but I may add some colorful embellishments like a pop of crimson would go nicely.  Add a trim to the gloves or use them to underline my fingerless mitts.  I LURVE neutrals but  I am trying desperately to branch out and add color.

Man Bag

Man Bag

Intent: Leather bag $20 for Spousie when we travel so he can put his tech devices and personals.  I am sure he’ll like this better than my girly Vera Bradley bag, LOL.  Man Approved.





Intent: READ!  The leather is better than the hard bound as eventually the spine breaks.  This version of the NASB also has referenced.  New $40.

What’s your latest thrift store Score?  Share a pic in the comments.




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