I got a HO!

No Pimps here just a HO…a Half Object That Is.

When life hands you lemon you make lemonade right.  That’s what happened to me with my sock.  Since I have been English knitting I am able to knit so much more tightly….yay.  So tightly that I started knitting my socks and apparently thought I had praying mantis legs ’cause I can’t get it past my toes!!  FAIL.  but not really.  As I shared my dismay with the Hooker(:)) at the office they suggested I make fingerless mitts.  The ravelry search began!  I found this Kirstens Fingerless Mitts Recipe by Kirsten Kapur.

Since these were originally socks my yarn choice was Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rocks in the True Blood Colorway


one word: Gorjus!!!!!!!

Behold my Ho!


Close up

Close up

I’ve only completed about 5 rounds on the the other mitt so I better get cookin!





  1. Heheeeeeee gurrrrllll

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