Scrappy Makeover

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I have been an organizing fool.

One room at a time.

Sewing Room….Complete

Next room….My Scrap Space.

My Scrap space was organized pretty good…until I reworked my sewing room:).  One of the major causes for re-doing this room was the table that I used to scrap on was actually my cutting table. Once that table was moved I had so much space open I needed it left room for me to regroup and utilize that space much better.

Plan: Purge, Donate, Steamline and Organize

Purge: Gather all the supplies you don’t use.  I really wanted the supplies to go to someone who could use them not just the thrift store.  I had mentioned my purging at the office and my coworker suggested her daughters girl scout troop….perfect!   Well it took almost a 2 weeks to purge which ended in 10 bags of donations to the Girl Scouts!!!!



This room is actually the mud room but serves as a great crafting space.  It can be a little chilly in the winter though so I added an oil heater to the space.  I wanted this room to be bright and crisp so the color scheme is Navy, Kelly Green and Aqua.

Entrance to scrap room

Entrance to scrap room

As you walk in the room I have all my punches on the wall.  I used Bygel Rails and Basket system so that everything is visible and streamlined.  I saw this on AtHomeWithNikki in her craft space.






At the base of the punches are all things related to packaging and shipping.

1-IMG_7492 scale, Label and bags are in the top basket


Bags, envelopes, plastic sleeves, mailing envelopes and tissue paper

Markers, L to R Fabric, brushes, Slick Writers, Metallic, Watercolor and Stamping Markers

Markers, L to R Fabric, brushes, Slick Writers, Metallic, Watercolor and Stamping Markers


Hand made templates and my color wheel


Backup Trimmer

As you scan the walls I added pegboard which is a great way to organize and see what you have.  I painted the board with the teenie bottles of craft paint from Michael’s in the Apple Tart Colorway. I have my magnetic role and my Craftsheet at the top, Thickers, Dots, Twine and Stencils.








I originally wanted to add my stencils and thickers to a binder but I find that out of side truly is out of mind.  So I am pleased where they are now.

I hope you have enjoyed the first segment of my scrap space I am really pleased with how it turned out.









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