A Super Hero with a nipple

Err…what?  I always have a story.  This started back at Stitches Midwest..remember I was on the hunt for Thor from GnomeAcres.  Soldout.  So I grabbed Aquaman.




It didn’t start out well for 2 main reasons.

1.  I picked up yarn without  a plan but wanted to use it.

2.  Too small of a needle.hook

Split.Split.Split.  What is the deal????  It was driving me crazy!  1-IMG_2205

Remedy: use an appropriate needle!  Bam…now we’re off.  Note To Self.

Skills I want to learn or become more effecient

-magic loop

-make a vanilla hat that fits Spousie well


I have been trying to make Spousie a hat for about a year and I was determined to make one..well one that he could fit:).  I started out making the Basic Magic Loop  Hat by Helena Briscow without the rolled edge, don’t care for that much.  I made the adult sice but since I cast on 84 stitches  and since I  was forgoing the rolled stockinette edge I did a 4 x 2 rib.


Its all good..the ribbing worked up nicely on a us 5.  I than switched to a US 7.  Fail is approaching.  I am now decreasing.  Its going  fine so I think.  I didn’t notice that I wasn’t decreasing at the joins.  I also JUST noticed as I am posting this that my decrease was every 12 stitches not 10 as that was for the other size.  face palm.    I finished the hat and it looked great except for the join of my magic loop..not one decrease….so I had this little..thing at the very top…oh my I thought..no increases that’s where all the fabric went.  It looks like a nipple on the tip.  If he strategically placed an acorn on his head it would be perfect, LOL.

Ripit!!  I ripped out the decreased and started over this time making sure I decreased at the  ML join.  I will admit it was still weird there but I finished the hat again.  Because I didn’t use the correct number to decrease I still had some mosquito Bump on the top :).


Looks like a normal beanie here doesn’t it?…..


Insert Acorn!



I will definitely make this hat again…and how about follow the directions!  HA Novel Idea.  Mean while I will use the rest of the Aquaman yarn to make him a cowl to match with this gloves from Tuesday Morning.

I am not giving up on magic loop until I can execute properly and follow directions.

Yarn: Aquaman-DK Jazzy Gnome XL-DK Yarn=After using the appropriate size the yarn worked up great.  Nice stitch definition and springy.  The finished product felt very soft not scratchy at all.  I did not block it as there was no need therefore I cannot speak to the colorfastness of the yarn.

Would I purchase again:  Definitely ….Yes.

YARN SPECS:(from GnomeAcres)

  • Base: DK Jazzy Gnome XL
  • Content: 100% Superwash Merino (Fine)
  • Weight: DK
  • Yardage: 250± yards each (4.1oz/115g)
  • Colors: Jade/Turquoise, Orange, White

Happy Knitting!




  1. You almost inspired me to pick up my knitting needles again 🙂 despite making SEVERAL hats for my son when he was younger I don’t think I recall how to do it these days. Maybe I will start off with a scarf. It’s been awhile.

  2. How cute..I haven’t mastered magic loop crocheting yet..geez yikes

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