Sewing Room Redo-Curtain Call

Its been too long!  I had the worst back sprain I have ever had the last two weeks.  Back issues and crafting do not mix….so I was not able to be as productive as I normally would have been.  It was terrible, Thank God I feel  sooo much better and Finally….I got the curtains finished.

Luv…Love..Lurve…them…shall I show you..squeal!

The idea: Gray is my favorite color so I knew I wanted Gray….and chevron.  I didn’t want it to over power the room though.  So I decided to break it up and I am pleased with how they turned out.



White Twill, Black Piping –Joanns

Gray Chevron

Rod and Hooks- Target

This curtain idea didn’t start out to well.  I knew Joanns carried chevron so after work I scurried over…nothing.  WHAT????

How could this be?  Ack!  While I was in the store I called another location…whew they had it.  I asked the associate is the white …white?  Yes she sayss…..Perfect!  The next day I go to Joanns, score they have it.  6.99yd..steal!


Stop the Press…..I get home and its most definitely Gray Chevron…..and a dingy white!!!  Similar to cubicle white…..ugh which is not white.  FAIL. to the rescue!!!  Why do I stray away.  Don’t get me wrong I like me some Joanns but has some better fabrics and in this case it was exactly what I wanted.



Since my back was hurting so bad one of my coworkers cut the fabric for sweet.  I was super grateful.  The curtains came together rather quickly after I found my piping foot:).  I also like the look of the rod instead of the rod pocket curtains.  I am still wondering should I do tiebacks or not.  I do love to keep the window open but I also know I have a ton of stuff surrounding the curtains too…what do you think.  Tiebacks or No Tiebacks?

Since its been a while let me share a few more elements in the room …until next time.  Happy Sewing.









  1. Nice I like the colors. And errr rah do some tie backs too 🙂

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