Sewing Room Re-do-The Fiber Side

Yes yes its coming along nicely.  Today I want to share the fiber side of my Sewing Suite:).

Fiber shrine!

Fiber shrine!

The right side is pretty much all fiber-ness.


What do you do with all the skeins of leftovers and woundy bits….you make a cocornucopia.LOL.  The Container was a thrift store purchase.  Oh snap I got to pull all those UPC codes of the brackets…LOL.






I stuffed a purse that I made with next upcoming project yarn…..sweet.  The red yarn is just for a pop of color and was given to me from a friend who picked it up in Italy.  The tin from the Thrift Store for .99 at the end is holding my Bobbins Up Bobbins.


Love the Ginormous Nails!  Had to grab those from home depot.  This shelf has the hanks of yarn, darning egg and some bits of handspun.  Also some very import books in which I will review in detail at a later time.


The final shelf houses all my spinning and Tools-Wood Niddy Noddy, Yarn swift, E-Spinner, lazy Kate, E-Spinner bobbins and the bobbins for Spinderella.  This shelf is longer as I needed a space for the swift and ball winder.



Below the shelving are my Projects Bags and Spinderella.


I am still fine tunning…that ziploc bags contains the first socks or the likeness of rather of a sock.  Need a special place for that, LOL!






  1. Its coming along nice nd I like the skeins of yarn with pops of color

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