Sewing Room Redo-Shelving

I am bursting at the seams!

My room is coming along and I just love it!  I am almost satisfied…notice I didn’t say not complete.  Your never really complete…can I get a witness.  So let me start with shelving.

I wanted shelves to flank both sides of the window with a mix of cutsy and function.  The left side would be for sewing the right for fiber goodies.  Since we are renting I opted for White MDF shelving with the brackets functional and portable. Four 3 feet shelves on one side and  four 2 feet shelves on the other side. I planned on putting some art or non essentials on the tops as my goal is to have everything needed at arm level.  Hubby and I got the shelving from Home Depot.

What to put on the shelves???? of course I found a few things!

We ended up with 3 styles

We ended up with 3 shelves so I could put my picture which was a gift.

Let’s take a closer look at the shelves.  Here is the first shelf on the left.


How cute is that sucker charm…ha!




The owl was a birthday gift….he’s cute!



mini me…this doll was given to me by my coworker..she is fierce!


A few sewing must have..the complete guide to sewing…a gift from grandmama.


Beautiful from my team!


A little yarn cozying up to my heavy duty machine.

I hope you enjoyed my sewing and fiber suite…more to come.









  1. Me like that nd the colors…btw mr owl is cute!!!!!

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