Single Malt Cowl-Using My Handspun

I have been scouring looking for patterns for my handspun.  I hit the jackpot with the Single Malt Cowl designed by Sarah Barbour.

photo via Ravelry

photo via Ravelry

The magic happened!
I can’t believe it. I mean I should believe it but I am in awe.
Guuurrrrlllll just spill it. Ok Ok….squeel!

PicMonkey Collage2

I spun this beautiful yarn back in mid July during Tour De Fleece.  Check out my project notes HERE.

It was a gradient that I Spun Fractal after reading THIS post on Knitty.  I followed the process and was pretty well  pleased with the finished yarn…..that was BEFORE I saw the finished fabric.  This pattern is great for handspun.


The pattern is free and very easy to follow.


Magic Loop

NEEDLES: Knit picks rainbow 10.5 started 24 cable ended with 47

Mods: YO instead of M1L and M1R

Did 4 row garter at neckline.


Highly recommend this pattern for :


Anyone learning to work in the round that has made increases before

A quick Knit

A quick gift

Variegated Yarn

Thick and Thin yarn





  1. Love the yarn color…nice cowl

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