Top of the Month! Summer Heat and August Violet


Yall know I lurve mail.

I Luvrve subscription services too!

As a new spinner I have to say I have fallen in love with ThreeWatersFarm. They announced a Top of the Month Club.…I was in.  I chose the wool version as I am not quite ready for luxury fibers……..YET.

I was in DEEP!  I also purchased the companion colorway, August Violet as well.

Look at these beauties!!!

PicMonkey Collage-TOTM

Photosource: Ravelry

Aren’t they beautiful and vibrant!  The fiber was 4 oz of Finn, which was a new to me fiber.

The Plan:

I saw Qbabe’s project during tour de fleece and I LOVED IT.  She was my inspiration.

A=Summer Heat

B=August Violet



Spin 400 yards so I could make the Tan Brook House Shawl by Bosten Jen.  Wish me luck!

Source: Ravelry

Source: Ravelry

I  was so careful with this fiber I wanted this project to turn out perfect….ugh well close to perfect. I did my staple length check, made narrow strips and the spinning was on.



So happy to have a consistent drafting triangle.


Here are all the bobbins ready to be plied.

Checking my Wraps per inch

Checking my Wraps per inch




Colorway Name: WinterBerries

Weight: DK


Yards 471

All in all the yarn is BEAUTIFUL its my best spin yet and the most yardage.


8 oz is a lot, LOL.  I found myself becomming impatient as I got to the last combination, AB.  I had to tell myself to take my time.  So maybe next time I mix it up an spin a few ounces of something else or try my drop spindles!

Tour de Fleece made me a better spinner:).

Have my bobbins set aside.  I was so happy to hit the last combinationI forgot that I was suppose to be two plying it and  ended up putting it on one bobbin.  I am to inexperienced to try Andean Plying  so I need to thoroughly plan next time…and get 2 more bobbins for Spinderella.

Can’t wait for next months Reveal!

Happy Spinning!










  1. Beautiful colors!!!!!

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