To Dye For

I have fallen down the rabbit hole.  What else can I learn?  What else can I make or create?  Dying….I must say its a natural progression when you become a spinner…right? RIGHT!  I would love to add that skill to my fiber world so as  way to support my local LYS at  SIFU DESIGN CENTER.


The Dying Class included Natural Dying, Kool Aid and Acid Dyes.  First up Natural dyes using beautiful Marigolds.

PicMonkey Collage

Next up Kool-Aid…oh it smelled so good!




And Finally we used the Jacquard Acid Dyes

1-IMG_2031 I haven’t been in m LYS in so long it was good to be back and surrounded by all the goodness!  Here was my finished results!


L-R Acid Dyed, Marigolds, Kool Aid and Acid Dyes

I really enjoyed my self and thought the class was great.  If you are interested in Dying there are several resources out there  your LYS,, Hand dying Yarn and Fleece and YouTube.

I will put what I learned into good use this weekend!  See you in the rabbit hole…..



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