Stitches Midwest 2014

Fiber Mecca has come to Illinois again…this time in form of Stitches Midwest. I had a great time last year.   I was captivated by yarn fumes.  This year was different…since it wasn’t my first time I wasn’t really eager to go all buckwild crazy.  Oh that had nothng to do with Stitches it was PLENTY OF FIBER DELIGHTS TO BE HAD BY ALL but I had to check myself.  Wanna know why..see this photo:

Yes you say.

This is all the yarn I purchased last year at stitches I HAVE NOT USED ONE SKEIN insert pitiful here.


Anothercraftygirl, simpliworsted, socksthatrock rare gem mill ends, Miss Babs x2 and the Verdant Griffin

Stithes Midwest is a mix of Indi dyers, local farms  and commercially dyed fibers.  You can purchase yarn, books, fiber, yarn bowls, clay buttons, jewelry, bags, hand creams and even glass nail files.  It is fiber craft paradise.  Wear comfortable shoes, your own handmade knits or crochetwear, and for goodness sake EAT…a banana cost me 3 dollars!  This year I walked through the market/vendor list and mapped out which vendors I was definitely going to see.

This is what I wanted  to purchase:

GnomeAcres-Thor colorway and wood buttons


Stitch markers

Visit the Blue Ridge needle crafts since they were from my home town:)

Knitty in Color

Dragon Fly Fibers

Gradient Set-Possibly for the Tubularity Shawl

Wood Niddy Noddy

Here is what I walked a way with… :


Undyed Falkland, Bow Tie Buttons and stitch markers



Namaste Circular needle holder


Gnome Acres-Aquaman (for Spousie)



That’s it.  I didn’t find everything I wanted but  enjoyed myself enough to spend 4 hours there:)  Stitches Midwest…see you in 2015!





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