A False Start with Sweet Georgia Pomegranate

Ok I think I may have bit of more than I could chew here….say hello to Pomegranate 75%BFL and 25% Tussah Silk from Sweet Georgia yarns.   I knew I wanted to try a  solid Tonal fiber and that I would chain ply it.  Ok here goes!





The Plan:

Chain Ply

shoot for fingering


My Experience:

I know you need more twist when you spin thinner and when you are plying a yarn so I am going to keep that in mind.

At the start….trouble.

No uptake???

if I treadled to the left(Z).uptake?

treadle crazyfast nothing?

Stupid Leader…lets get a new one

Now its time to get up from your seat a take a look….ugh I didn’t have the nut screwed after changing my bobbin….LOL  Start anxiety over:)  Lets try this again.

Ahh…there we go smooth uptake on the wheel…Finally.  As I was spinning I wanted to document what I was creating….on purpose or not.


PicMonkey Collage.jpg


After watching Judith Mackenzie McCuin Gentle Art of Plying I often ply back to check my twist.  I am learning so much about this hobby its just fantastic



Darnit!!!  So thin it Broke!!!  I had to use a toothpick to find my FIBER!  I found it though!!




Well I found my rhythm and finished the bobbin.  Its super pretty!


Plying-Navajo or Chain Plying

I knew I wanted to Navajo ply this yarn as  I need to keep practicing. The first 10 mins were great and  I believe I lost my concentration its one of those things that you have to stay in rhythm…if you have tried then you know what I mean.  I did have some instances where I used the Susan Anderson method using the baby pinky finger guide..then I just lost my groove.  I found myself pushing my fiber to the wheel..not sure what happened but I will keep practicing none the less.



I though this was really fine…and it was until the inconsistencies showed them selves but that’s the beauty of handspun for sure my handspun:)




11 wraps per inch-worsted weight

and here she is!


Pinktober 124 Yarns Worsted Weight Fingerless Mits

Happy Spinning!


Ravelry: Emoniedezigns.com


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