Tour De Fleece 2014-Halfpoint Learnings




Hi There!

I am having a blast participating in Tour De Fleece!  I wanted to take today to share with you what I have learned while participating. This might be a long one:)….grab some tea and read on!

To date I have had my wheel a little over 2 months.

Participate-Join a team!  I joined Team Rookies! Change your avatar …make a commitment.


Practice-it only makes your better.  Before TDF I was spinning 30 plus daily.  I don’t have children but I do have a 3 hour roundtrip commute to the office everyday…try to find time even if its 15 minutes.

Its not a race….well the Tour De France is:).  As a new spinner you should be slow and steady you get excited seeing posts of spinners whipping through their fiber.  That’s not me at the moment but it is very inspirational.

Remember your goals-pin them near your wheel.

Comment and encourage other spinners….especially beginners.  We all started somewhere I know my first yarn if you can call it that looked like cottage cheese!  It can be disheartening looking at all the beautifully consistent yarn out there but I am well on my way now and you will too!

PicMonkey Collage.jpgHave some storage Bobbins, if your new I suggest purchasing them instead of using toilet paper rolls.  You don’t want plying frustrations as the TP roll is rolling all over the place on your Kate.

Get family involved-Spousie is not remotely interested but he picked out which fiber he liked and asked are you riding today?

Spin  Spin Spin…ply later.  This way you can focus on mastering and fine tuning your spinning consistency.

Have enough fiber on had so you can keep spinning. SHOP SHOP SHOP!!!!!

Check your twist periodically

Post your progress daily

Have your yarn tags made in advance 🙂

Before you wind your single to your storage bobbin jot down your spinning notes.

Last but not least…….ENJOY!!!


Happy Spinning!







Stay encourage and Have FUN!!!






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