Snow Angels with an Ood


If you’re not a Dr. Who Fan I am sure your like What on Earth is that title about!  Let me fill you in…..about 2 years ago I was apart of the DR. WHO fiber and yarn club with independent dyer Intothewhirled.   I’ve never spun any of my fibers so now that I have spinderella I was ready to give it a shot.  I remember thinking…. this is coarse yuck!   It’s yarn counterpart of the club was a MCN Merino Cashmere Nylon Blend so it was much softer.  Lets give it a shout I didn’t know what Shetland was but I was going to try it.

I looked up the Shetland in my Fleece and Fiber Source book …A must have. This Book should come with EVERY wheel!



The Plan

Didn’t really have one until I noticed that this fiber grabbed the wheel, it was strong and spun super smooth….to my surprise!  I was shocked!  I split yarn into sections and attenuated lightly.



Since the colors were all from the same family I decided I would 2 ply.  I don’t like barber polling but this should be just fine.  Oh Crap! I then realized I didn’t weigh the fiber before I started spinning it so I got out my digital scale.  I weighed what I had already spun  minus the weight if the bobbin.



Then I weighed the rest of the fiber so that I could even it out for the rest of the spin. I purchased the scale on ebay for $7.  Must Have!

1-IMG_1572I continued to spin and after a few days of letting the singles rest it was time to ply.




I plied with my tensioned lazy Kate and took my time and was in total control of my fiber.  I read tip on Knitty about placing your lazy Kate under your chair in the event disaster ensued you could take care of it.  That was a great tip!  I am very pleased how it turned out. Now onto the Niddy Noddy!



Time for  bath!


I soaked the yarn in Soak  for about 10 minutes it turned out so nice I couldn’t wait to pop it and hang it dry!


I used a 3″S hook from Home Depot and a Glass form the Dollar Tree to weigh it down.


Nice work …I think! Right! My skills are improving! Now for the final product drum roll please…………..


164 yards of a 2 ply!  This is so puffy and big!  I was so excited I forgot to use my Wraps per inch card, lol.  Overall I am very pleased with how this turned out!

Happy Spinning!







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