Knit and Crochet Envy

Happy Independence Day!

To those of you living in the US!  I hope you fellowshipped with family and friends.  I spent the morning cutting fabric so I can start my Swoon bag:).  I also wanted to finish spinning my mystery fabric so that I would be ready for Tour De Fleece tomorrow.  I finished it.  Did some plying….and off to a family barbecue.  It was a great day!  As we rode to see family I worked a little on my Multnomah and immediately began thinking about 2 new neckwear items I want to make.  That’s right not even finish my shawl and already thinking about new projects:)  Oh and I found a cute crochet number too!

Here is my progress:



Its coming a long nicely and had an easy pattern repeat.  Its going slow sayin’ I am doing a Bazillion other things but its all good.

Here are the other patterns I purchased and have added to my que:

tan House

Tan House Brook Shawl by Jennifer Lasonde Photo via Ravelry


I wanted to make this in a gradient and remembered I haven’t used ANY of my yarn from Stitches Midwest!  So I will use my Mis Babs Wowza.  


Tubularity Cowl by Martina Behm Photo via Ravelry

Tubularity Cowl by Martina Behm Photo via Ravelry

Love all the options for this …..I want to use this colorway!  Hopefully she has it with her when she comes to Stitches this Year!

I haven’t found anything that interest me so I haven’t had anything on the hook in a while..until I saw this little number on Kollabara, the Alice Shift Too/Dress.  I will make the top for sure:

Alice Shift/Dress Top Photo via Kollabora

Alice Shift/Dress Top Photo via Kollabora

The patterns on sale until July 8th!  I don’t have a yarn choice yet but I tell you I am thinking Caron Simply Soft would look really pretty.

Well it was nice to run off to the land of make believe I better get back to my multnomah!






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