My First 2 Handspun yarn………ugh objects!

Hello, I am dropping in to share with you my spinning progress!  Sit back and read on! Yup I said yarn objects! Paradise  o1: il_570xN.460062979_a99s I decided to go ahead a skein up the practice yarns so I could go through the finishing process.  What fun I had.  I took out the niddy noddy and after a few you tube videos, I just love Expertly Dyed tutorials I figured out how to use it. I wound the yarn, soaked it in SOAK, then cool clear water,  beat the stew out of it and then made a ghetto contraption to add weight to the bottom. I told my husband ignore the hanger with the mug attached to it in the shower, lol.  As I expected super overspun and no yardage  no surprise though as I am still learning.  Here it is:


Trying to get the hang of it…yarn breaking everywhere!



Getting better at simply getting the yarn on the bobbin

1-IMG_6503     Ply: Single Fiber: Superwash BFL 4 0z Colorway Paradise Fibers Yardage: so happy to figure out niddy noddy I didnt count LOL! Etsy Shop: Fiber to Yarns   watermelon Watrmelon 02: I had finally got the yarn to wind on the bobbin and began to find my way.  This was super overspun but lots of thin spinning so that did gain me some yards a whopping 264!  Now this was sooooo dark so try and keep your colors bright at the beginning so you can have something vibrant to look at even thought it won’t be perfect. This gave me good practice.  I did notice that I had too many thin spots..Note to self…way too much predrafting! 1-IMG_6416 1-IMG_6635     Ply: Single Fiber: Superwash BFL 4 0z Colorway: Watermelon Yardage: 264 Weight:  Thick and Thin Etsy Shop: FibertoYarns I am going to continue to track my progress with my fibers and I am glad see improvement.  I am still enjoying it and can’t wait to spend more.  I am working through some of the samples I ordered from Wintryflowerbydesign.  BTW the samples are amazing and true to color and prepped well. 1-IMG_6277 I will keep you posted. Toodles! Emonie


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