The Happenings-Works in Progress


I just wanted to pop in and share what I am working on!

#1.  What’s on the Needles?

Ribbed Watchman’s hat





ok so after making the Thank you hat sooo big it was like  Milk Jug Cozy I decided to do a basic watchmans cap.  Hubby asked could I do it in Tardis Blue….hmmmm.  I found the yarn on Etsy and decided to magic loop.  I haven’t worked Magic Loop In a while.  I cast on 80 stitches so lets see if I get this right since ribbing is super stretchy.

Yarn: Cascade 220 SW( Tardis Blue color :))

Needles: Knit picks US 6

For who: Spousie

Magic loop


#2.  What’s on the Needles?


via Etsy

Multnomah Shawl by Kate Ray



photo (1)

Yarn: Malarbrigo

Colorway: Stonechat

Needles:  US 0 Circulars

For : Me

I have been wanting to make this shawl for over a year.  I was intimidated by the feather and fan …well I am still intimidated but I am going to do it anyway! I think its going to be really pretty in the stone chat colorway.  This is going to take a while but the pattern is easy to commit to memory so I am going to enjoy it.


*Sock Segment*

In order for me to get better at socks I would like to always have a pair on the needles…well that was my plan.  I ordered more yarn and it was too close to the colors I just finished.  Bummer.  well not really it Socks That Rock…I will use it for something else.  I di place an order for a new skein which I will share a soon as it comes in.


Sew Happy-A Whale of a Time


This is whipping up nicely!  I love quick projects.  I am attaching my interfacing and prep work as this will take on time to sew.





Dyer: Wintryflowerbydesign on Etsy

Fiber: Falkand

Colorway P-005

2 oz sample


This is working up nicely..



Hookin’ at the Office:

My office pupils are wrapping up their Elise shawl and the news hookers found it easy with a little assistance.  I am glad to see them working so hard.  We also had a new pupil join.  I am also working on a cardmaking, sewing and knitting workshop as a few coworkers have requested :),



Hookin so fast…hands in motion!

Podcast this week:

DownCellarStudio– with Jen-nice voice and its great to hear what she is working on and her travels…oh and her love of family.

Knit FM-awesome duo of Hannah Fettic and Pam Allen…designer and yarn producer.  Great combination and a wealth of knowledge

Well that’s all I have…for now.  I would love to hear what you are working on?  Leave me a comment.





















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