Sew Happy-Tall Project Bag


It was such a joy to be on Sewing machine this weekend!  Its been too long.  I recently had it repaired and it working like new.  Since I can NEVA not have something in my hand I take my knitting, crochet with me….AT ALL TIMES.  Of course I need something fun and cut to house all my traveling projects…especially larger ones.  I decided that I was going to make me a sweater bag since I will be working on the the Flax by Tin Can knits. (currently swatching now).  I found this tutorial and used it as a recipe since my bag does not resemble the inspiration bag.  I don’t mind purchasing bags from Etsy at all but something because I can sew, make exactly what I want and  I can’t justify the price. Project bags made with this fabric were to costly.  However I would have purchased one if I didn’t know how sew.  Here it is!


Fabric: KaolaCaddie (Exterior Main Color) $15.50 with US shipping

Kona Cotton (Exterior base) $4.99yd

Country solid Gray inside $4.99yd

Fusible Fleece: $3.29yd

D ring:$1.24

Zipper $2.19

Labor: free 🙂

Total: $35 with tax and using no coupons.  (WTHECK)


I want to add a wristlet  but not sure if I want  leather, chain…super cute. So for not its just hanging. A fun zipper pull and feet on the bottom …thinking about using buttons as I also knit in the backyard.


I think its  pretty nice size.


I had fun with this one just gotta go those little mods addressed.  I have already began thinking about my next bag…


how stinkin’ cute is the whale?  Gushing….

What are you Sew Happy About?




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